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Citizen Briefs

About the Citizen Briefs 


The citizen brief is central to reclaiming the role of the citizen in the body politics. It is a stand-alone document addressing a particular societal challenge, i.e the opioid epidemic. The citizen brief is utilized to establish a framework for a citizen oriented treatment plan that provides a comprehensive, multi stakeholder and multi phase road map for citizen involvement in their political ecosystem. It is best used as part of The Medical Case Presentation. The complete citizen brief provides a vision for the issue reframes a problem, provides data, discusses the various issues and proposes actions that can be undertaken by the citizen to address the problem.

These actions can be personal, social or political. The Citizen Brief is uniquely positioned to address systematic changes over time. The “Citizen Brief”* can be understood as framework to a process to summon our fellow citizens to address the challenges confronting us as individuals, our communities and our nation. In addition to providing a framework for engagement includes multiple features to achieve the goals. Divided into sections that contribute information to create an impression and more clearly define the problems and potential solutions.


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