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The Pain Opioid Epidemic Strategic Plan 


The pain opioid epidemic strategic plan includes meaningful information and tools for crowdsourcing citizen participation in the policy discussion, implementation, and accountability of stakeholders.

In order to achieve our vision, the pain opioid epidemic project incorporates a number of elements that address the complexity of the challenge of pain and its management, opioid use and abuse, preventing overdoses, and addressing the legal and criminal justice issues associated with drug use. We use behavioral economic principles, digital technology, political insights, crowdsourcing, and principles of solution journalism in our effort. 

Features and Elements of The Pain Opioid Epidemic Project

The Pain Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation and Treatment Plan

The Pain Opioid Case is a framework for a citizen-oriented approach to the challenges facing us in the body politics of the United States. Using the Medical Case Presentation as an organizing structure, the Pain Opioid Case offers a dynamic, interactive, collaborative process that engages our fellow citizens to address the opioid-related challenges confronting us as individuals, members of our community and citizens of the nation.

Ecosystem and Stakeholder Watch Through The Complexity Lens

The Pain Opioid Ecosystem requires a complexity lens to address the devastating consequences of Pain Opioid Epidemic. Our approach recognizes that any meaningful solution must address the entire arc of the Opioid Ecosystem, including pain management, opioid use disorders, opioid overdoses, public policy, law enforcement, criminal justice and related challenges.

Citizen Toolbox for the 21st Century: Taking Personal, Social and Political Action

The Citizen Toolbox for the 21st Century to empower citizens for personal engagement  within the pain opioid epidemic ecosystem. Specific action plans are avialable for individuals suffering with pain and opioid addiction. Social and political tools to engage with stakeholders locally and nationally.  . 

Optimal Care: The Pain Opioid Best Practice, Evidence-based Inventory and Database

Developing and updating an evidence-based inventory of clinical, social, legal, and public policy materials and processes related to our vision. We start with focusing on pain to be followed by opioid use conditions, overdose prevention, and addressing “the drug war.”

Real-Time Monitoring the Pain Opioid Epidemic and its Consequences

Ongoing collection and analysis of population and individual data associated with the pain opioid epidemic. The data will feature The Pain Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation Progress Notes and occasional Clinical Case Conference focusing on individual situations. 

The County Based Pain Opioid Epidemic Platform  

We provide an easy-to-use platform that can be used by local entities to assist in their efforts to provide solutions to the opioid-related problems. The platform includes best practice information, process, and related resources to provide services and links to providers at the local level.

Contact us for a copy of the pain opioid epidemic strategic plan 

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