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Who’s to Blame for the Opioid Epidemic?

We would like to learn your thoughts about the various stakeholders. 

Learn about and sign up to  our Citizen Case Conference to learn more about the stakeholders and participate in address the problems of opioid use disorder

Learn about the Pain Opioid Multi-Phase Plan


Montgomery County, PA


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The Pain Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation is a framework for a citizen-oriented approach to the challenges facing us in the US body politics. Using the Medical Case Presentation as an organizing structure, the Pain Opioid Case offers a dynamic, interactive, collaborative process that engages our fellow citizens to address the opioid-related challenges confronting us as individuals, members of our community and citizens of the nation. It provides a vehicle for citizens to collaborate, identify, analyze, develop, implement and monitor a solution-based “treatment plan” for medical problems. 

Phase Three

The Pain Opioid Best Practice, Evidence-based Inventory, and Database

 Phase Five

Real-time monitoring The Pain Opioid Epidemic and its consequences


Take Part in the Pain Opioid Case

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