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Phase Three: The Checklist Manifesto 


Being a citizen is challenging and complex. Checklists have been used to improve outcomes in various fields. We introduce the checklists to facilitate taking action and interact with various stakeholders. Developing a checklist is a continuous process. The various checklists will be made public and improved upon as we go along with the Pain- Opioid Epidemic Project.  The Checklist Library is linked to the Pain- Opioid Ecosystem and the citizen toolbox.


Take Action


Healthcare System & Hospitals

Healthcare Providers


Criminal Justice System



  • Federal

  • State

  • City

  • County


Advocacy groups  

The Checklist

If something so simple can transform intensive care, what else can it do?

By Atul Gwande

The New Yorker, Annals of Medicine. December 10, 2007 

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