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The Pain Opioid Epidemic touches all of us to varying degrees. Some of us are struggling with a family member who is in the hell of opioid addiction, others suffer from severe pain and fear the availability of opioids for relief, others are dependent on opioids prescribed for minor trauma, still, others are in treatment for the disease of opioid dependence.

The take action section provides ways you can take part in addressing the Pain Opioid Epidemic. Whether you would like to better understand your personal experience with pain or opioid use, or you are interested in making an impact on a social challenge, you will find actions that can help you, your family as well as your community.  The specific actions are divided into personal, social, and political actions.  


Get Personal: Action that will allow you to achieve the best personal outcome in addressing the challenge of Pain, Opioid Use, and Opioid Dependence.



Get Social: Actions that will impact the availability of evidence-based, best practice interventions that you can undertake  to address the challenges of Pain and Opioid Use in your community (Social Ecosystem)




Get Political: Actions you can undertake within your political ecosystem to have a meaningful impact on the Pain-Opioid Epidemic. 


Check back after JULY 4th, 2021 for more detailed take-action plans.















Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for general knowledge and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Consult your health care provider for the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues. 


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