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The Pain-Opioid Ecosystem


The Pain-Opioid Ecosystem section of the Opioid Epidemic Case Presentation is a powerful tool that leverages an understanding of the complexity of the opioid crisis. It provides an overview of the various stakeholders who are involved in creating legislation, conducting scientific research, enforcing laws, providing treatment, and impacting the epidemic through their actions in the private sector.It  describes their interests, motivation, resources and prior input into addressing the challenge of opioid use.  By using "systems thinking" and mapping out the complex web of actors and factors involved in the opioid crisis, we can gain a more holistic and comprehensive understanding of the issue and develop targeted interventions that are informed by the specific dynamics of the ecosystem.

The ecosystem map includes national, state, and local stakeholders, and is designed to be easily adapted to the unique needs and resources of different communities. This allows for a more localized and effective approach to addressing the opioid epidemic, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all solution. By engaging citizens and other stakeholders in a collaborative and transparent process, we can work together to find effective solutions that promote the health and well-being of our communities.





The pain-opioid ecosystem section is divided into the following subsections:


The Federal Level

The State Level

The Local Level


And includes the following perspectives:

The Citizen 

The Patient

The Consumer


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