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Citizen Brief

Pain is a multidimensional problem ranging from discomfort to agony and affecting physical, emotional, and cognitive function as well as interpersonal relationships and social roles.

In this section you will learn more about pain,its causes, evaluation and treatment: 


1. Overview of pain 

2. Causes of pain

3. Evaluation of pain 

4. Treatment for pain

5. Resources for optimal choice 


Content will be in various forms including articles, infographs, interviews, links to other websites, video and other media forms.

Pain and its Management 

Appropriate acute and chronic pain management and medical use of opioids (Optimal care for the individual suffering with pain)



By September 2020, every individual who experiences pain has access to and is able to receive evidence based, best practice informed treatment that improves their well-being in outcomes that matter for them.



The right medication/ treatment  for the right patient at the right time, for the right length of time, and the right  dose and amount, right monitoring.


The Challenge:  

Appropriate pain management and medical use of opioids that alleviates pain and related suffering when indicated: Clinicians are striving for a finer balance that meets the patient’s need for pain relief while minimizing chances for abuse.

Achieve balance between the benefits and risks of the various treatments.



About pain and its management 

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