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Salutogenesis: Creating optimal Health & Living

Salutogenesis, the process of health creation, is dedicated to the creation of optimal health in each individual. Salutogenesis focuses on maximizing your health potentiality rather than focusing on pathogenesis, the process of disease creation. 



About: The goal of the Salutogenesis module is to make your health a resource that you manage in your everyday life.  To help you manage your health, this module will provide you information and tools that help you achieve optimal wellness.


Uses: The Salutogenesis Module utilizes information from my Personal Health Manager including demographics, relevant personal medical history and other data to generate a personalized Health Risk Assessment and recommends a personalized optimal living plan. Salutogenesis assesses your risk for medical conditions, makes smart choices about promoting wellness, and develops and carries out a plan to control risk factors before your health is affected.


Example: Develop your personal plan for optimal wellness. The plan will include your agenda, road maps, and logs. The Salutogenesis Optimal Living Plan plan is used to support you on your path to create and maintain your Optimal Health,  minimize health risks including early detection, lifestyle changes and the motivational tools to succeed.

My Health Assets and Resources 

The inventory addresses your ability to utilize the resources that you have in interacting with your physical, social, political, spiritual, community, values and other environmental factors.  


The inventory seeks to focus on your “resilience” to address life challenges;  


your cognitive “fingerprint”;

your emotional “fingerprint” (Emotional intelligence, humor, love self esteem,

your relationships (Coherence, community, family) Happiness; Values clarification: Wisdom

Healthy Lifestyle

The Healthy Lifestyle Section helps you achieve optimal health: a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.  It encourages you to improve your health through better lifestyle choices and includes: 


Healthy Lifestyle Inventories:  these inventories guide you through questions about your present lifestyle choices:

Nutrition; Physical activity; Psychological;

Spiritual; Addictions/Habits; Sleep; Intimacy;Sexuality; Community; Family; Social Support; Coherence


Summary Reports and Action Plans: Receive a personalized report for each inventory. The reports summarize your lifestyle choices and recommends specific activities to add to your action plan to promote optimal living and prevent the occurrence of health problems.


My Health & Risk Assessment 

The Health Risk Assessment is a personal evaluation of biological, psychological, and environmental factors that limit your current health and pose a risk to future well-being.

The Health Risk Assessment helps you  understand this information by determining which factors are modifiable (i.e.,  nutrition) and which are non-modifiable (i.e., age), and making recommendations for an action plan to help you reduce your modifiable health risk factors for each medical condition.

Summary Reports and Action Plans: Receive a personalized report for each inventory. The reports summarize your risks for medical conditions  and recommends specific activities to add to your action plan to promote optimal living and prevent or minimizethe occurrence of health and medical  problems.


Visualize Risk

Screening, Early Detection, Prevention and Immunization

Early detection & Screening: Your early detection behaviors, both done by yourself and through professional care.


Immunizations and Prophylaxis: Your history of immunizations, expert recommendations and using other preventative measures to reduce your risk for disease.


Health Protection: Your habits about personal safety at home, work and play.


Summary & Action Plan: For each area of prevention your will receive a personalized summary and interactive action plan helps you work effectively alone or with your health care network to develop and carry out optimal health promotion strategies.

My Health Ecosystem 

Did you know that your environment has a big impact on your health?  Where we live, work and play directly impacts our health. Improving the health of your community will require collaboration with the various individuals and organizations that play a role in providing services. 


About:  The ecosystem assessment provides you with easy to use inventories that help you understand the impact of your environment (geographic, work, social) impact your health. With so much at stake, getting facts is a good place to start. 


Summary Report: You will receive a personalized report about the potential impact of your ecosystem on your health.


Action Plan:  Only by engaging locally with neighbors and nationally on larger concerns can we drive excellent outcomes and improve the health of our ecosystem. 

My Optimal Health & Wellness Plan

Join Salutogenesis experts for your personalized "Optimal Health Plan," a step-by-step approach that will help improve your health and well-being. With customized agendas for any one concerned about their optimal wellness. The plan is a program that goes beyond lifestyle change to allow you to reach your potential in all important areas of your life.


Step One: Get oriented with an overview of Salutogenesis

Step two: Gather your health and medical related information  

Step three: Complete your wellness and health resources inventory

Step four:  Select and complete your choice of inventories

Step five: Review your summary results

Step six: Develop your action plan

Step seven: Create and personalize your dashboard

Step eight: WOOP it...carry out you Optimal Health Plan...

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