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mY Healthcare Contact 


About: mY Healthcare Contact  prompts you to get the most out of the healthcare visit. You will find a strategy and easy to follow step by step approach to collaborating with the healthcare provider on your health concerns and challenges. 


Use: Before meeting their provider, patients complete the electronic questionnaire either at home (on a PC) or in the waiting room (on a tablet device). This generates a standardized, integrated symptom output that is available either in paper or electronic form, including formats that can integrate with electronic medical records.  Logs and other relevant inventories are completed by the user prior to visiting the healthcare provider.



Prior to a Healthcare Contact 

The preparation includes a summary of relevant health information and health concerns of the user that will be addressed with the health provider. Prior to a healthcare visit, you initiate the “Contract” by articulating the expectations they have for the visit and the outcomes they will want to achieve. The patient can review relevant educational resources, complete assessment forms that provide and clarify needed clinical information.

Step by step to prepare for visit

1. Update medical records

2. Track symptoms

3. Prepare contract and related plans

4. Collect additional information and toosl (recording) 

During the healthcare visit

During the healthcare visit, the health care provider and the patient will review the patient’s expectations, clinical information to formulate and a plan to achieve “optimal” outcomes based on the patient’s situation and available resources.  The contract is patient oriented and serves as a framework for the patient’s care between visits.

Plan for the visit

1. Share your goals

2. Share your data

3. Joint decision making

4. Record the plan 

After the healthcare visit 

After the visit the patient will assess the progress toward achieving their outcomes as well as adjust their expectations based on changes that may occur in their clinical condition and circumstance. The patient can provide feedback to the health care provider in a structured manner agreed upon and defined by their “contract”.

Update your records and follow up on plan

1. Record new data and informtion

2. Update your calender 

3. Follow up with appointments 

4. Set up logs, diaries etc. 


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