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My Health and Wellness Tools 


There are many tools that can help you in your journey to Optimal Health. Select from the list below and incorporate them into My Personal Health  Manager.



My Health Calendar


Helps you record health-related events in one place.  My Health Calendar can easily, seamlessly  and securley link to your Google Calendar.


My Personal Health Network

Create and maintain mY Personal Health Network. The Network includes your social supports, healthcare providers, insurance companies, hospital and other individuals, groups and organizations that are your partners for Optimal Health. 


My Health and Wellness Tracker 

Keep records of and monitor your wellness, "symptoms" and challenges for a better understanding of your Optimal Health


My Health, Healthcare and Medical Care Contract

The contract give you a template to create the relationship with your healthcare partners (and Yourself). 


My Healthcare & Medical Care Contact

My Healthcare and Medical Contract provides a framework for you to clearly define your expectations in the healthcare encounter.

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