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Contract for Optimal Health Care


About: The Contract for Optimal Health Care (Contract) is a structured tool that addresses the need for increased engagement by patients in the clinical encounter. The “Contract” is driven by clearly articulated expectations of the patient along their “journey to optimal health”.  The “Contract” is linked to user-friendly resources that are easily accessed via a dedicated website, digital apps, and print material.


Use: You can use the contract to establish a plan for yourself to engage in health promoting activity. The contract is initiated and shared with select members of your Personal Health Network. We believe that the “Contract” when completed and utilized, will lead to measurable improved clinical outcomes as well as more satisfied patients and their healthcare providers.


Ann Landers created a Personal Contract to have a "formal" committment to herself. 

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My Personal Contract for Wellness and a Healtier Life 

I_______________________ challenge myself to do my best to eat healthy, whole foods every day, to get up and move around more, to make the time to exercise, and to keep a log of my progress. I promise to avoid perfectionism, and instead do

the best I can as I practice my new lifestyle habits. By committing to this challenge, I am acknowledging the work, time and effort needed to achieve my goals. I also know that my rewards are improving the quality of my life, as well as sharing this gift of healthy living with my loved ones.






Dr. Gahuri uses the "contract" to more efficiently attend to his patient's healthcare and medical needs.  

My Contract with Healthcare Providers

Actions to Improve Transparency Between Clinicians and Patients: CEOs, other Leaders, Clinicians


Before Care

  • Provide every patient with a full description of all of the alternatives for tests and

  • Inform patients of each clinician’s experience, outcomes, and disciplinary history.

  • Inform patients of the role that trainees play in their care.

  • Disclose all conflicts of interest.

  • Provide patients with relevant, neutral, third-party information (e.g., patient videos, checklists) and expand the availability of such resources.


During Care

  • Provide patients with full information about all planned tests and treatments in a form they can understand.

  • Include patients in interprofessional and change-of-shift bedside rounds.

  • Provide patients and family members with access to their medical records.


After Care

  • Promptly provide patients and families with full information about any harm resulting from treatment, followed by apology and fair resolution.

  • Provide organized support for patients involved in an incident.

  • Provide organized support for clinicians involved in an incident.

  • Involve patients in any root cause analysis, to the degree they wish to be involved.

  • Include patients and families in the event reporting process.

The Hospital including the board of directors use the "contract" to assert their committments to their community. 

My Contract with Hospital 


Contract between Citizens and Healthcare institutions


The healthcare institution commits to:

  • Ensure disclosure of all financial and nonfinancial conflicts of interest.

  • Provide patients with reliable information in a form that is useful to them.

  • Present data from the perspective and needs of patients and families.

  • Create organizational cultures that support transparency at all levels.

  • Share lessons learned and adopt best practices from peer organizations.

  • Expect all parties to have core competencies regarding accurate communication with patients, families, other clinicians and organizations, and the public.

  • Actions for Organizational Leadership: Leaders and Boards of Health Organizations

  • Prioritize transparency, safety, and continuous learning and improvement.

  • Frequently and actively review comprehensive safety performance data.

  • Be transparent about the membership of the board.

  • Link hiring, firing, promotion, and compensation of leaders to results in cultural transformation and transparency. 

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