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Salutogenesis: Optimal Health

The Solutogenesis Module is all about helping you achieve your Optimal Health.. 

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Getting the Best Care for Headaches


The goal of my Personal Health manager’s headache module is to help you maintain or regain optimal health through prevention and when necessary receiving the appropriate care for headache. my Personal Health Manager headache module will help you to:



❖ Set your goals for the management of headache

❖ Record your headache related medical history

❖ Create your  action plan to achieve your goal in addressing headache

❖ Create your headache related health and wellness contract

❖ Monitor the symptoms and problems associated with the headaches



❖ Prepare for and achieve the best result for healthcare contact with

your Personal Health Network

❖ Prepare for Clinician Visit (Click here for form)

❖ During the Clinician Visit (Click here for form)

❖ After the Clinician Visit (Click here for form)

❏ Initial visit with healthcare provider

❏ Complete the headache related medical history

           ❏ Prior treatments you tried and work up

           ❏ Medications and response

           ❏ Follow up visit with healthcare provider



❖ Learn about optimal care of headaches

❖ Prevention and risk assessment of headaches

❖ Self care for headaches

❖ Assess your risk for headaches

❖ Diagnosis of headaches

❖ Management of Headaches



❖ Resources related to headaches

❖ Decision support information and tool for choosing the right action

for headache management

❖ Best practice information about treatment of headaches

❖ Checklists and guidelines for the care of headaches

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