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Citizen Brief:
The First 1000 Days for Life Long Flourishing 

The purpose of The First 1000 Days for Life Long Flourishing  Citizen Brief is to provide a blueprint and a course of action  that reimagines perinatal health within the complexity of the bio-psycho-social- political environment. 


The Citizen Brief provides an overview of the first thousand days of life for the newborn in order to consider a salutogenic approach  that includes an understanding of the biological, cultural, social, environmental and political factors that contribute to human development. Understanding the factors that contribute to child development allows us to set the stage for and develop a salutogenic informed strategy that contributes to individual well being, thriving, and flourishing lives. A citizen focused action plan divided into personal, social and political components suggests  strategies to achieve optimal wellbeing.  A set of outcomes that focus on optimal well-being  for each newborn as well as community wide indicators is established and operationalized.

First Principles:

The First 1000 days establishes the foundations for optimal - flourishing human function

Parents’ and caregivers’ relationship with their infants and newborns plays a critical role in shaping the emotional, cognitive, and social development of their child.

Citizen Toolbox

Tracer- Flow

The Checklist

The Data

The Case

The Citizen Briefs 

Citizen Commission

The US Declaration of Independence, the visionary document written nearly 250 years ago that provided the foundation for the government of,  by, for the people.     


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-- “

In order to attain the radical vision formulated nearly 250 years ago, it is clear that future members of the body politic have an equal opportunity to engage in the life of the nation. Regardless of political ideology, the aspiration of providing the best opportunity to flourish in life starts in the neonatal and early life.

  • What are the factors that contribute to health, well being and flourishing lives?

  • What creates the optimal environment for thriving lifelong? 

  • Why is it that some children thrive while others do not?  Is it a matter of genetics, IQ, socioeconomic background or education?

  • What are the responsibilities of the healthcare system? Clinicians? To address the challenges associated with “Social challenges impacting health?”

  • What is an appropriate paradigm to guide the  practice and policy?

  • What are current existing entities associated with the task for social determinants?

  • What is culture and culture of health?

  • What are the gaps in our knowledge and what kind of research needs to take place?

  • Role of measurement, outcomes, accountability?

  • How to anticipate and address unintended consequences of policy interventions?

  • How to localize the knowledge base?


Healthy individuals in healthy communities


By November 2026 all Americans have the opportunity to experience optimal well being throughout their lifetime.



By November 2026 Americans live in healthy communities and each of us has access to healthcare services that provide the highest level of medical services to maintain, wellness regardless of medical condition and stage of life.


By November 2026 Americans are  part of a responsive representative local and national political system

The First 1000 Days Ecosystem 

The Get Personal section helps you define what optimal health means to you and your family by providing an overview of specific tools you can use to establish a baseline for your healthcare needs and develop a plan to improve your health and guarantee access to quality healthcare.



The Get Social section provides the tools you need to engage with your neighbors on a local level and collaborate to affect change on a national level. Only by taking ownership of our own health and holding stakeholders responsible for healthy outcomes can we drive solutions and reform in the healthcare system. Join others in reviewing the suggested activities to achieve our collective goals.



Get Political 

Healthy political ecosystem  



The Get Political section helps you learn the issues and the skills needed to participate in the deliberate process of demanding solutions from our political representatives. The resources in this section will help you track regulators and other public servants responsible for shaping our healthcare system – and hold them accountable. 



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