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Pain management often involves more than just your primary care physician. You might need another pain management specialist or two to determine the exact source of your chronic pain and successfully treat that pain.


Multidisciplinary pain programs are the medical community's response to that reality. In these programs, pain management specialists from a variety of fields work together to help you manage pain.


Evidence is building that multidisciplinary pain programs are better for patients than the piecemeal approach to pain management that has been the norm up to now. A recent review of medical studies comparing the two approaches found that multidisciplinary pain programs are far superior to standard medical treatment. Most studies reviewed found that patients with fibromyalgia or chronic back pain, in particular, benefited greatly from a multidisciplinary approach

Center for Interventional Pain & Spine is an innovative

Dr. Venk Sundararajan

Center for Interventional Pain & Spine is an innovative practice where we focus on the identification, diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain.

By utilizing a team of compassionate clinical professionals and a devoted administrative support staff, we strive to provide state-of-the-art multidisciplinary team approach to pain relief through consultation, education and on-going care. Our mission is to maximize pain relief for those who suffer from debilitating conditions. Our commitment to this mission means we dedicate ourselves to providing and maintaining a superior quality of care for our patients.

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Einstein Pain Institute helps patients manage their chronic pain and resume more normal, productive lives. Drawing on new diagnostic technologies, this multi-disciplinary pain management center provides some of the latest advances in pain relief and partners with referring physicians to develop evidence-based plans of care individualized to patients' needs.

Rating of the pain clinic 

S.E. PA Pain Management is a team of board-certified pain management doctors that helps thousands of patients each year reduce and cope with all types of pain.

Our goal is to provide every patient with the earliest appointment available in their preferred location with their preferred provider.

The focus of our practice is to treat pain using interventional techniques and a comprehensive, individualized approach. To provide the best care possible, our pain management specialists work closely with physical therapists, orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, acupuncturists, and other providers who are involved in treating your pain problems.

The Suburban Pain Control Center

The Suburban Pain Control Center provides the highest quality techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain. Since 1994, 
Dr. Sofia Lam has set the standard in interventional pain management.
We encourage you to review our treatment methods and call the office to schedule your initial consultation.

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