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Self Care 


Utilizing  "SEEDS" for  chronic pain/ headache care as a component of multimodal treatment approach.

Most patients with migraine would benefit from a multi-modal approach to migraine treatment. Pretty much all patients with migraine would benefit from an acute treatment plan to help with their acute migraine attacks.  If an individual is having more than two headache days per week or needing to use acute treatment more than once or twice a week on a consistent basis, they’d likely also benefit from a prophylactic treatment to help reduce their headache frequency.


Discussion about lifestyle modifications that can be helpful in reducing their headache frequency.  I like to talk to my patients about their “SEEDS to headache success.”


The first “S” stands for sleep. What is the quality of their sleep  Are they having sleep problems? Are they snoring?  Should we be screening them for sleep apnea? Do they have insomnia?


The first “E” stands for exercise.  Regular exercise can be a part of a healthy treatment plan for pain/ headache, as well as other health issues.  


The next “E” stands for eating.  The type and quality of  diet is of great importance. Eating regular healthy meals, and also avoiding caffeine?


The “D” stands for pain diary.  It’s important to keep track of how often someone is having pain episodes and potential triggers, because sometimes change is not that obvious, until you keep track of it.  It’s also important to keep track of how often someone is needing to use acute treatment. Because if they need to use acute treatment more than 10 days per month, those medications can actually contribute to their headache frequency.  And it’s also important in case the patient has a headache trigger that they’ve not yet identified.


The final “S” stands for stress reduction.  So if someone is experiencing quite a bit of stress, using tools to help reduce stress can actually help with headaches as well.  And if a patient of mine is endorsing symptoms suggestive of stress, I will refer them for biofeedback.

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