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Citizens4Health:  About Us 


Citizens4Health seeks to be an organization of citizens intent on re-framing the public debate on the healthcare and other challenges facing our nation. At present we are a  self funded " labor of love". The eventual organization form (non for profit) will be defined by future needs and resources.  We have created a number of initiatives that invite citizens to imagine and engage in a process that brings about a sustainable healthcare system which provides excellent services that are affordable and accessible to all Americans. We focus the conversation on one, simple question:


How can we all, patients, doctors and health care institutions; citizens, non-for profit organizations and government; consumers and the "private" sector corporations; achieve effective solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare system? 




Healthy individuals in healthy communities


By November 2026:


Americans have the opportunity to experience optimal well being throughout their lifetime.


Americans live in healthy communities and each of us have access to healthcare services that provide the highest level of medical services to maintain, wellness regardless of medical condition and stage of life.


Americans are  part of a responsive representative local and national political system




  • Create an ecosystem for individuals to achieve optimal health and to live in healthy communities

  • Citizens4health is dedicated to citizen action that will bring about a just, affordable and effective healthcare system that is available for all Americans 

  • Citizens4health provides a framework for meaningful citizen dialogue that is built on the foundation of respect, facts, and dedication to American democracy and values

  • Citizens4health organizes, educates, encourages and provides tools for citizen engagement locally and nationally with politicians, stakeholders and special interests.

  • Citizens4health  provides a framework to achieve healthy environments in American communities.

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