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Help establish healthy communities and environment


Goal: to help you engage in your social environment and health ecosystem in order to achieve Optimal Wellness and healthy community


  • Explore your health ecosystem

  • Give your community, hospitals and other stakeholders a check up

  • Diagnose the problems gather data

  • Demand transparency, accountability and public reporting by and of stakeholders

Explore your health ecosystem


My  Ecosystem provides information about specific assets and related aspects of your physical and related environment.


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Concerned about friend/family member?


Use My Personal Health manager

My Personal Health Manager is designed to help you achieve optimal health by  building on an understanding of what it takes to create Optimal Health (Salutogenesis)  and utilized the latest in digital technology and resources to support you in your health journey.



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impact of the Opiate Epidemic on your community

Find out the impact of the Opiate Epidemic on your community.

Find out the various stakeholders that are involved in the opiate epidemic.

Support stakeholders taking action to treat the challenges of the epidemic. 

Find ways to participate 

Support Citizen Orgnizations 

The mission of The FED UP! Coalition is to create one voice calling for an end to the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths attributed to opioids (including heroin) and other prescription drugs.

Medicare Opioid Drug Prescribing Map 


The interactive mapping tool available below shows geographic comparisons, at the state, county, and ZIP code levels, of de-identified Medicare Part D opioid prescription claims – prescriptions written and then submitted to be filled – within the United States. This new mapping tool allows the user to see both the number and percentage of opioid claims at the local level and better understand how this critical issue impacts communities nationwide. The data used in this mapping tool is from 2013 Medicare Part D prescription drug claims prescribed by health care providers and does not contain beneficiary information. By openly sharing data in a secure, broad, and interactive way, CMS and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) believe that this level of transparency will inform community awareness among providers and local public health officials.

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