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The Opioid Epidemic County Platform

Montgomery County,  PA


Montgomery County is the third largest county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with a population of more than 815,000 residents.


Montgomery County Website



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103  in  2009

180  in   2013

The Opioid Epidemic Project and Case Presentation websites are focused on  cities, neighborhoods, counties and other local entities. Entities interested in "duplicating" and customizing the websites for their local environment can contact  Citizens4health. 


Montgomery County 


Opioid Pain  Ecosystem Stakeholders 


Political Organizations and Services




Mr. Josh Shapiro ( Chair of the county commissioners)

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh

Mr. Bruce L. Castor, Jr.



Board of Health: Board Members

Michael B. Laign, Chair

Francis Jeyaraj, MD

Steven Katz

Barbara Wadsworth, DNP

Martin D. Trichtinger, MD


Learn more about the board 




Human Services Departments: Health Department

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh (interim Medical Director)

Denise Wallin (interim Director of Health)


Behavioral Health/Developmental Disabilities

The Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs


Health Centers

Norristown Health Center

Pottstown Health Center

Willow Grove Health Center


Community Connections

Montgomery County Emergency Service, Inc. (MCES)

Emergency Medical Services 

Treatment Professionals and Facilities 

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities        On PolicyMap

Insurance Companies 

Criminal Justice System 



District attorney



Professional organizations

Physicians: The Pennsylvania Medical Society


Citizen groups

Academic institutions 






Montgomery County

Best Care

Montgomery County

Take Action 


Get Personal 

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Montgomery County



Check List 

In the News 

Montco Takes Pro-Active Steps in Battle against Heroin and Other Opioid Use


Norristown, PA (October 15, 2015) – Montgomery County continues to take aggressive steps in its battle to reduce the number of heroin and opioid-related overdoses in the county. At the bi-weekly meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Thursday, Commissioner Val Arkoosh, who is also the interim medical director of the county health department, announced that she has issued a countywide standing order for naloxone, also known as narcan. The standing order allows any licensed pharmacy in the county, which chooses to participate, to dispense naloxone to individuals at risk of a heroin or opioid-related overdose, or to close friends or family of someone at risk.


Commissioners approved a new structure for Health and Human Services for Montgomery County


Montgomery County Opioid Overdose Prevention Information 


Montco D.A., law enforcement join forces to fight addiction


Montco Takes Pro-Active Steps in Battle against Heroin and Other Opioid Use


Take the drugs back 

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