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The COVID 19  Pandemic Case Presentation  ​

The COVID 19  Pandemic Case Presentation is a process to summon our fellow citizens to address the Coronavirus Virus and COVID 19 associated challenges confronting us as individuals, our communities,  our nation, and globally. We are testing the proposition that with the proper framework and easy to use citizen-oriented tools, we can address complex problems. The medical case presentation, used by medical professionals to address complex problems, provides a structure for collaboration and deliberation to address the challenges associated with the Coronavirus and COVID-19.

The use of the disease metaphor and treatment plan approach is not new. In one of the most important works of political philosophy, Federalist 10, James   Madison, the architect of the US constitution, evoked the notion of disease to describe the state of the continental US after the declaration of Independence and offered a "treatment plan" the US constitution as the treatment of the underlying disease. We believe, had Madison been alive today, confronted by the challenges of our body politic, he would have embraced the disease metaphor and the Medical Case Presentation approach to tackle the challenges facing our nation.


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