Thank for your interest in the COVID 19 Citizen Commission  Version 1.0 
​We look forward to your participation with the commission
A couple of steps before you join. 
Please look over the personal commitment section so you are informed about the expectations for participation 

Complete the form below to show your areas of interest.  The form works best with chrome browser.   
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Thank You 

My Personal Commitment 

I’m willing to 

  • strive to improve the general welfare and contribute to various aspects of human flourishing.

  • to deeply and respectfully listen to fellow citizens sharing their thoughts within the commission 

  • to participate in deliberations that  focus on how to achieve and maintain a well-functioning democracy

  • to develop and deploy a framework for deliberative democracy based on shared democratic values and meaningful knowledge base.

  • to suggest and and  use a framework and tools that leverage technology and scientific insights, embrace crowdsourcing in the service of democracy, and pursue other collaborative activities that address challenges in our society and achieve a strong, healthy political system serving free and enlightened citizens. 

  • to provide information for citizens  that enhances their ability to make informed choices as they engage in the civic life of their nation and their communities.

  • to build  fellow citizens's confidence that their voices can be the primary influence shaping the outcomes of policy debates.

  • to maximize the faith citizens have in their government and its ability to solve important problems despite deep differences of opinion.

The COVID 19 Pandemic Project is  an initiative of Citizens4Health, a group of committed citizens motivated by the belief that citizen participation will contribute to solutions to the big problems that confront our nation.

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