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Actions that will impact the availability of evidence-based, best practice interventions that you can undertake  to address the challenges of The Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic in your community

The last thing you want is for your physicians, health professional  hospital to cause  the unnecassry spread of the The Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic.  As citizens, we must take action to prevent  the spread of the disease and contgion . It doesn't have to be this way.



When it comes to The Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic, good enough is not enough.

Help establish healthy communities and environment


Goal: To help you engage in your social environment and health ecosystem in order to achieve Optimal Wellness and healthy community


  • Get Social: Explore Your Health and Social Ecosystem

  • Get Social: Family and Friends

  • Get Social:  Citizen Organizations 

  • Get Social:  Healthcare System 

  • Get Social:  Community 

Get Social: Explore Your Health and Social Ecosystem

Find out the impact of The Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic on your community.

Find out the various stakeholders that are involved in The Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic

Support stakeholders taking action to treat the challenges of The Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Find ways to participate 

My  Ecosystem provides information about specific assets and related aspects of your physical and related environment.

  • Give your community, hospitals, and other stakeholders a check-up

  • Diagnose the problems gather data

  • Demand transparency, accountability and public reporting by and of stakeholders

Go to Your Health Ecosystem


File a complaint and concern about a healthcare provider 

Get Social: Family and Friends  

Concerned about friend/family member?

My Personal Health Manager is designed to help you achieve optimal health by  building on an understanding of what it takes to create Optimal Health (Salutogenesis)  and utilized the latest in digital technology and resources to support you in your health journey.

Go to My Personal Health Manager


Partnership drug free kids


What Science Says To Do If Your Loved One Has An Opioid Addiction


Family Checkup: Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

The following five questions, developed by the Child and Family Center at the University of Oregon, highlight parenting skills that are important in preventing the initiation and progression of drug use among youth.


  • Are you able to communicate calmly and clearly with your teenager regarding relationship problems?

  • Do you encourage positive behaviors in your teenager on a daily basis?

  • Are you able to negotiate emotional conflicts with your teenager and work toward a solution?

  • Are you able to calmly set limits when your teenager is defiant or disrespectful? Are you able to set limits on more serious problem behavior such as drug use, if or when it occurs?

  • Do you monitor your teenager to assure that he or she does not spend too much unsupervised time with peers?

Get Social:  Citizen Organizations 

Be a Cochrane Citizen Scientist and contribute to health evidence

Globally many are in isolation or are practicing physically distancing. Cochrane invites anyone who is interested in healthcare evidence to become a virtual citizen scientist! Anyone can join and no previous experience is necessary. We also have special COVID-19 weekly challenges you can join.

Cochrane Crowd is a global community of volunteers who are helping to classify the research needed to support informed decision-making about health care. Everyone is welcome to join!

The job of the Cochrane Crowd community is to review descriptions of research studies to identify and classify randomized controlled trials (RCTs), a type of study that is considered the gold standard for clinical trials. Reports of RCTs are then fed into Cochrane’s Central Register of Controlled Trials, helping Cochrane authors and other systematic reviewers around the world quickly find the evidence they need to determine whether a treatment works, or whether a diagnostic test is accurate.

Get Social:  Healthcare System 

Learn about the healthcare system 

  • Diagnose the problems gather data

  • Demand transparency, accountability and public reporting by and of stakeholders

Hospitals and physicians  (Checklist)

  • Contact hospital Chairman of the Board: Letter

  • Contact Medical Associations , Dental

  • Personal Letter to physicians

    • Educate Clinicians:

    • Work on training future professionals—in law, nursing, pharmacy, social work, student affairs and medicine—because it all starts there;

  • Set up day of information in hospitals

  • Grand rounds

  • Public Reporting (link to blog)  

Comprehensive plans for addressing pain and addiction:

Insurance Companies:

  • Review coverage

  • Regulations

  • Etc.

Get Social:  Community 

Learn about Foundations Support Citizen Orgnizations 

The mission of The FED UP! Coalition is to create one voice calling for an end to the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths attributed to opioids (including heroin) and other prescription drugs.


Angels in Motion started with one woman’s efforts to rescue her child from the disease of addiction. While searching the streets of Kensington (a neighborhood in Philadelphia), for her son, Carol Rostucher saw that many other children and loved ones were suffering and lost as well.

Carol began to open her heart to the streets and spread her love where it was needed the most. Her efforts included treating each person as an individual and offering her genuine compassion and understanding, and providing “blessing bags” which contain food, snacks, clothing, hygiene products and resource information to obtain help when they are ready.


My Community Checklist

Learn more about opioids. You’ll be better prepared to catch the signs of abuse — and prevent addiction and overdose in your community.


1. An assessment of my community 

2. The policies and practice of the healthcare institution

3. My community Health and Wellness Ecosystem

4. The availability of quality of addiction treatment services

5. The Stigma issue


My Citizen's Toolbox: (Get political to understand and participate in the political ecosystem) 


1. My political ecosystem

2. Contact your political representatives

3. Follow legislation

4. Follow the performance of the stakeholders



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The COVID 19 Pandemic Project is  an initiative of Citizens4Health, a group of committed citizens motivated by the belief that citizen participation will contribute to solutions to the big problems that confront our nation.

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