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Clinical Tools for the Treatment of Cancer of American Politics




The treatment plan builds on citizen engagement.  The platform for democracy enables the public to diagnose the underlying causes of the cancer and mobilize the required response and monitor progress toward achieving the best outcomes. 

This section will provide information about general treatments and other therapeutic modalities that have a role in the treatment on the person suffering with cancer. The section is not going to be exhaustive; rather it aims to provide a framework to develop the tool box for the treatment of the US Political Cancer. 

"Cancer treatments are divided into four main types: surgery, radiation therapy (including photodynamic therapy), chemotherapy (including hormonal therapy and molecularly targeted therapy), and biologic therapy (including immunotherapy and gene therapy). The modalities are often used in combination, and agents in one category can act by several mechanisms. “          

 Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th Edition  


Zygmunt Bauman's Keynote will  concentrate on time/space collapse, community and network, expansion of neighbourhood, and cocoon-effect of online experience

Nutrition Support


Psychological Support






Radiation Thearpy


Biological Therapies




Genomic Treatment 

Nutrition support:


American democracy and the organizations that are part of it have been experiencing starvation of plenty. While there is more and more information, like alcohol, it provides empty calories, and distorts. The manufactured crisis used as a smoke screen for changes in our politics, have generated revenues for our politicians who get donations from special interests, the media and pundits who thrive in an atmosphere of misinformation and fear. What is needed is a diet of relevant information that is reliable and “healthy” for our democracy. Individuals learning about the damaged cells and using the media, accountability.


Psychological support:


Change the narrative, present a picture of the future that is hopeful the technology is there. Rather than a negative future lets build a useful narrative what are we moving towards. Highlight the importance for tolerating anxiety, ambivalence, ambiguity, and Affect.

Examples, Anonymous, Brian David Johnson, passion. The four sons... Music people dont say a day will come bring the day.




Surgical intervention may be utilized to remove the actual cancer, to minimize the impact the cancer has on the surrounding tissues, to minimize the toxicity caused by the cancer. Cancer surgery must not harm the body. Take the money out of politics.

Targeting the pathological cells (politicians) through recall and voting them out at election time is at the core of our representative democracy.

Targeting the blood supply to the tumors (money in politics) is crucial and needs to take many forms.


Radiation therapy:


Strike at the various complexes with AARP, unions, corporations, media. The rise of information technology has dramatically recast Americans' everyday experiences and has amplified the speed and the virulence of the political system, but perhaps can be part of the solution.

Others such as Bruce Bartlet, call for specific review of the provisions of the tax code that server to enrich the few at the expense of the general public. Still others, recognizing the challenges of congress to stay within the budget and avoid tapping trust funds such as Medicare and Social security, call for fiscal rules, a vow, that allows ways to hold politicians in democracy accountable to an established budget.


Chemotherapy (including hormonal therapy and molecularly targeted therapy):


Civic engagement vs. social engagement. challenge the corporations, change the incentives. No labels Civic involvement with the elected officials. Challenge the toxins with the power of the internet, social communication. Public discourse, demonstration, boycotts. To survive in the digital world our nation would have to create 21st century solutions that leverage the strengths of American democracy, while rooting out the corruption that has become too present., replace pathologic cells and processes with healthy cells.

GN- pledge to uphold public interest etc. Policy makers to do the right thing.

Create fiscal rules, a vow, that allows ways to hold politicians in democracy accountable to an established budget.


Biological therapy:


Americans elect as a possible grassroots digitally based movement that might emerge in the third party. They are now out of business and they are out of business not least of all because they could not recruit a candidate who would be willing to be nominated by that process.  

Second, we must accept our role as citizens, in pressing our politicians and media to eschew corrupting money. We can do this by passing state-level reforms to stop the tide of corruption locally and proving the popularity of clean elections. Grassroots movements in both New York and California are on the cusp of real progress.


We can also do this by supporting candidates in the next elections who reject the support of groups created by Citizens United, as my friend Elizabeth Warren did in Massachusetts—pledging with her opponent Scott Brown to refuse any outside money.

We can do this by pressing our national elected officials to pass legislation that updates our system of public financing, creates real disclosure laws, and replaces the FEC with a true enforcement agency. And we can do this by turning our backs on the consultants and insiders who continue to game Citizens United for cash.


Unless Democrats embrace election reform as a central tenet of our platform, we will face another era reminiscent of soft money—when the dominance of corporate interests meant that no matter which party held power, the influence of Big Money always won

addressing the DNA: Amendment, etc. enforce budget process Make a specific law

Biological addressing the DNA: Amendment, etc. enforce budget process growth.




Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools have become the central nervous system and the political public sphere. The information travels faster, however content is not regulated. Creating new network for democracy. The real challenge for America is whether it can leverage exopolitics to fix ordinary politics, too. Can the tools that brought down SOPA/PIPA bring about a government that would work?


Citizens have been able to change decisions by corporate giants like Bank of America and Netflix to save hundred of dollars a year, addressing issues of life and death as well as financial future of our nation should be a worth cause.


Genomic Therapy:


A constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision—either by amending a portion of the Bill of Rights or by amending the Fourteenth Amendment, to deny constitutional personhood to corporations. Organizations such as Rootstrikers are providing a citizen oriented framework to get money out of politics through changing the “genetic code” through a constitutional amendment.


There is real energy behind this movement: Citizens across the country have engaged local city councils, county boards, and state assemblies across the country, in both red states and blue. This energy has brought many people into the conversation about how money has corrupted our politics, The organization and drive behind these efforts, if channeled towards achievable goals, will remain a huge asset to the reform movement.

For example: Taking action to remove the special tax benefits are embedded in the tax code. These genes continue to provide great rewards and strengthening the benefiting industry, individual or organization at the expense of the American Public are rarely reviewed.


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