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Citizen Brief: Taxation 

Perceived unfairness of the tax system: tax code of 64, 000 pages


As late as 1969, the U.S. tax code required "only" 16,500 pages. By 2007, the code grew to 67,506 pages. The current form 1040 instruction booklet is 155 pages long. Obviously none of this is necessary for the collection of taxes. The code has been shaped by the corruption of our government, which in turn was shaped by the corruption of our society. Putting the impact of these tax breaks on the national budget, budget experts Donald Marron and Eric Toder added up all the spending-like tax preferences and found that, in 2007, they amounted to $600 billion. If you had included those preferences as government spending, then the federal government would have actually been one-fifth larger than it appeared.

John Oliver discusses America's growing wealth gap and why it may be a problem in the future.

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