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The Case of the United States Healthcare System

Treatment plan

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Get Personal


Make a commitment to Health and Wellness

Goal: to help you achieve optimal health, wellbeing and to thrive as a human being.


Use your Personal Health manager

My Personal Health Manager is designed to help you achieve optimal health by  building on an understanding of what it takes to create Optimal Health (Salutogenesis)  and utilized the latest in digital technology and resources to support you in your health journey.


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Explore your health ecosystem

My  Ecosystem provides information about specific assets and related aspects of your physical and related environment.


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  • Demand transparency and accountability

  • Engage with your personal Health Network


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Get Social


Help establish healthy communities and environment

Goal: to help you engage in your social environment and health ecosystem in order to achieve Optimal Wellness and healthy community

  • Give your hospitals and other healthcare institutions a check up

  • Diagnose the problems  gather data

  • Demand transparency, accountability and public reporting by and  of stakeholders


Hospital Watch: Give Your Hospital a Checkup 


Get Political


Take part in the political process nationally  (and Globally)

Goal: to help all of us achieve a healthy political system that enables all of us to achieve Optimal Wellness and to reach our bio-psycho-social-spiritual potential


Join our road map team to refine the vision

Be part of the team to implement the mission

Monitor progress toward the vision


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The treatment plan for addressing the challenges in the US healthcare system offers a framework for achieving the goal of optimal health care outcome. It builds on a vision of a desired health care system and provides an activist agenda that addresses the identified problems and powerful barriers that have stymied prior efforts at reform and have created the crisis in health care that confronts us. It will highlight the policy elements of the recently passed ACA and upheld  by the supreme court. Together we can solve the health care problems and build a system that is uniquely American and that we can be proud of. The format for the treatment plan will allow us to engage in a healthy deliberative political process toward our goals.







Featuring more than 200 examples of the century's best political art, a new history of health care reform provides an entertaining review of 100 years of partisan wrangling over medical insurance -- from Theodore Roosevelt's support for protection from the "hazards of sickness" in 1912 to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act in 2012. 

We start with a conversation about the vision of healthcare and our nation. Having a clear and agreed upon vision of healthcare moves the conversation from short term to long term thinking and focuses the debate on how to achieve the vision. We incorporate these goals into our vision of patient-focused optimal health care. We recognize that there are specific groups of people, each with its own definitions of optimal health care, with their own treatment strategies and priorities. We have divided our efforts into the following categories and will provide information and tools for imagining.






Click on the following groups for more information about manifesting  the  vision:


Healthy Adults and Children

Maternal and Infant Health

Acute Illness


Chronic Conditions


End of Life



Treatment History for the US Healthcare System

Case Presentations

We Believe that the attainment of the highest possible level of health and well being is a fundamental human right.

Our Vision


Healthy individuals in healthy communities

By November 2022 every American has the opportunity to:


flourish and thrive

live and be part of  a healthy community

be  part of a responsive representative local and national political system

access to quality affordable health care services.

Case Discussions

National Conversation

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