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In order to actively participate in our politics, locally, state and nationally (Globally) we need to be informed about political and public institutions, our representatives and other government officials. My Political Ecosystem provides easy access to your specific ecosystem from local to national as well at the tools to actively participate in our democracy.

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Current technology allows us to rewire the body politic through information technology. These tools allow unprecedented opportunity to get access to information, mobilize, challenge misinformation provide for a more deliberative dialogue. 

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The Diseases of the US Political System 


Continuous Case Conference Starting March  2020


The US constitution, the DNA for the federal government,  has been remarkable in providing a fairly stable framework to weather the past 225 years and achieve remarkable success in creating a government that has seen peaceful national elections and succession of political power. During this time the United States has become a global superpower and the standard of living of our citizens has been unprecedented. However, the current political environment highlights the shortcomings of the political system that has emerged in the twenty-first century. The political process, defined by the constitution, has been corrupted to the point that it is an existential threat to the US. Culture wars, congressional paralysis if not obstructionism, a polarized electorate, global challenges, the surveillance state, concern regard growing national debt, growing inequality, money’s impact on the political election have all contributed to growing distrust of the federal government. 


Symptoms of the pathology of the US political system


Distrust: Distrust and alienation from the federal government and the toxic political process


Fiscal Health: The fiscal health of the nation: The budget, debt and deficit


Taxation: Unfairness of the tax system: tax code of 64, 000 pages


Inequality: Inequality of opportunity, income, wealth and employment


Healthcare: An unjust, dysfunctional and expensive healthcare system


Justice: An out of control legal system, police and prison system


Immigration: A broken system that has been a source of divisiveness. 


Environment: Failure to respond to climate change


Surveillance: The surveillance state: Privacy and dignity under assault by government and corporations


Infrastructure: A decaying infrastructure of roads, and bridges


Education: A declining public educational system out of reach for many Americans


Declaration of War:  Lack of consensus on how the United States should undertake a decision to go to war.


Upcoming Case Presentations 

The Opioid Epidemic Case

The Pain Opioid Epidemic Project and Case Presentation recognizes that a multi-stakeholder, comprehensive public health approach to combatting the nation’s prescription opioid abuse and growing heroin epidemic is crucial. It is our belief that is up to all of us to prevent and reduce abuse, misuse, overdose and death from prescription drugs. 

Date: March 2020

Cancer of the US Political System

The Cancer of American Politics Case   Presentation builds on the understanding of the biologic cancer process and current treatment approaches as a framework to address the political cancer that has developed in our body politic. It is our goal to a more deliberative, respectable solutions-oriented process inspired by hope and

built on a compromise that serves the public. 

Date: May 2020

United States 1787


The instability, injustice, and confusion introduced into the public councils, have, in truth, been the mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished; as they continue to be the favorite and fruitful topics from which the adversaries to liberty derive their most specious declamations.

Date: Ongoing 

US Healthcare System

The treatment plan of the Medical Case Presentation offers a multistage action plan divided into immediate, short and long term actions for addressing the challenges of the US healthcare system. The treatment plan format allows us to engage in a healthy deliberative political process toward our vision:


A sustainable system that provides access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans.


Date: September 2020

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The blog uses a psychological framework, placing a spotlight on the various stakeholders involved in our politics. 

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