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About The James Madison Project 

Our Vision

American society in which all Americans have access to achieving their full potential for happiness in a safe manner and the political and legal system in guided by the provisions of the US constitution. 


Our Mission 

To provide a framework for civic engagement in order to  provide a political voice for Americans. 

The James Madison Project is an ambitious, multiyear experiment that seeks to reclaim the centrality of We the People of The United States in public discourse and focus on government policy. Furthermore, the project’s goal is to explore and invigorate the reasons for our government: “in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. 


We envision a process that brings about a “modern” understanding of human nature and the constitution, provides a framework and tools to leverage technology and scientific insights, embrace crowdsourcing and other collaborative activities to address challenges in our society. The Project is inspired by the legacy of James Madison, often referred to as the “father of the Constitution”.  


American representative democracy has been unprecedented in the history of mankind in providing a framework for personal freedom and opportunity for our citizens. Mr. Madison’s and the other founding fathers’ treatment plan, the US constitution has been remarkable in providing a fairly stable framework to weather the past 225 years and achieve remarkable success in creating a government that has seen peaceful national elections and succession of political power. During this time the United States has become a global superpower and the standard of living of our citizens has been unprecedented.


The current political environment has highlighted the consequences of the shortcomings of the political system. The political process has been corrupted to the point that it is an existential threat to the US. The James Madison Project seeks to put a spotlight on our political system with the goals of contributing to the “cures” needed to shore up the political system as a framework for our growing society in an increasingly complex and challenging world. 

The James Madison Project's Initiatives 

Citizenism: Re-Claim the Role of the Citizen

Starting in February 2020.  We envision a process that brings about a “modern” understanding of human nature and the constitution, provides a framework and tools to leverage technology and scientific insights, embrace crowdsourcing and other collaborative activities to address challenges in our society. 

The Citizenism Initiative, a central pillar of The James Madison Project,  is guided by the belief that when it comes to our democracy,  We the People can and must do better. Citizenism is the recognition and exploration of the role of the citizen within the political ecosystem. Citizenism responds to a troubling array of problems and challenges as well as opportunities facing our nation’s political system. By focusing on the vision that animated our founders and that has energized Americans to achieve greatness, the initiative studies the nature of the citizen rights, responsibilities and the influences that make the modern citizen.

Diseases of the US Political System

Starting March 2020  Developing a framework to discuss and address the challenges of the US Political system 

The Medical Case Presentation is an essential framework for a focused disciplined approach to addressing medical problems. Healthcare professionals use the Medical Case Presentation to identify, analyze, develop, implement and monitor a solution based “treatment plan” for medical problems. When used effectively, it allows healthcare professionals to communicate and share information among varied clinical disciplines to develop testable hypotheses for simple and complex problems. The framework allows for clearly identifying problems and providing objective data to support the diagnosis and “treatment plan.” The Medical Case Presentation is uniquely positioned to address systematic changes over time. Through progress notes addressing specific problems, we’ll be able to adapt to new issues to clearly identify problems and potential solutions.

My Political Ecosystem

February  2020.  How do I fit into the political ecosystem that impacts my life?

In order to actively participate in our politics, locally, state and nationally (Globally) we need to be informed about our representatives and other government officials. My Political Ecosystem provides easy access to your specific Ecosystem from local to national as well as the tools to actively participate in our democracy. tab in the property panel.

My Political Tool Box

February  2020

My Political Tool Box provides you tools and a framework to utilize evolving technology  to rewire the body politic through information technology and live person to person events.. These tools allow unprecedented opportunity to get access to information, mobilize, challenge misinformation provide for a more deliberative dialogue.  Where previously only well connected individuals and organizations were engaged now more of the public can get engaged

Health of the Nation 2020

September 2020

The health of the Nation 2020 provides you with data and information that will help you be part of the political conversation and take part in the solutions.  Taken together, the selected indicators reflect the overall health of the nation and the efficiency and efficacy of our political system. The data allows us to assess how we are doing and what we need to do to achieve excellent outcomes.

Shrink the Government

Blog musing about the psychological aspects of  in our political ecosystem 

Shrink the Government is a blog that is part of The James Madison Project to help reframe the national debates on healthcare and the national debt and find solutions that work for Americans.  The blog will use a psychological framework, placing a spotlight on the various stakeholders involved in the healthcare environment. Where possible, the blog will also attempt to reframe issues into challenges that can be debated, using facts that are verifiable to find effective solutions. The content will address timely issues as well as more conceptual topics. We invite anyone who shares our vision and mission to take part in suggesting topics, posing questions, writing posts, and most importantly, contributing to the conversation. With so much at stake for our nation, it’s time to stop kvetching and start acting.

The James Madison Award

Awards will be announced September 2020:  Honoring individuals and organizations dedicated to  the public good. 

The James Madison Award recognizes individual, organizations and governmental agencies who  are committed to promote the “public good”. In keeping with the character and skills of James Madison, the consummate doer for the common good, we recognize a distinguished group of individuals and organizations who contribute to improving our nation’s health and well being.

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