The Trial of Aaron Swartz 2020

                You Decide 


Aaron Swartz:  26 year old male, fragile, nerdy and sensitive who is committed to “social justice and improving our democracy. He was arrested and indicted for violating the CFAA.  


Taren Stinebrickner-kauffman AS’s girl friend: A young socially active and loving woman she is supportive and encouraging.


Aaron Swartz’s father: A middle class academic, computer programmer, who is a consultant at MIT. Provides guidance for AS and examines SH during the trial.


Stephen Heyman: The assistant Federal attorney head of the cybercrime unit in the US attorney’s office in Mass. Has a reputation of a tough prosecutor. He was in charge of the Swartz prosecution. 


Stephen Heyman’s wife: Dedicated wife and mother supportive of her husband and a good listener for his action.


Stephen Heyman’s father: An elderly gentleman, attorney who was a former federal attorney, focused on individual rights and government surveillance. He examines AS during the trial.


Judge Nathanial Gorton: An elderly gentleman who is the judge presiding over the Trial. He is outspoken about prosecutorial over reach and other aspects of the legal system.


The audience as jury: The entire audience is sworn in as jurors for the trial.