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Salutogenesis: Community Wellness in Montco

Social determinants of health have been recognized as important aspects of population and community health and well-being. In particular it has been recognized that social determinants of health such as housing and living conditions, access to adequate nutrition, employment, social connectedness contribute to medical status and outcomes of medical care. In addition addressing the social determinants of health can contribute to improved well-being, medical service utilization and outcomes. It has been suggested (IOM Report) that those data can provide crucial information about factors that influence health and the effectiveness of treatment. Such information is useful for diagnosis, treatment choices, policy, health care system design, and innovations to improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs.



The Montco Wellness Project will test the hypothesis that providing information and linking with identified social services (social determinants) of a vulnerable population with result in improved patient relevant outcomes as well as optimize cost to the health care system.


There is a growing recognition that health and wellness of the individual is impacted by social determinants* in addition to the more usual medical and physiological aspects of the person’s experience. The current healthcare system, excellent at addressing the medical concerns of most people, has not evolved a theoretical framework, organizational structure, incentives and process to address the social determinants that contribute to medical issues for individuals. While there are social and societal resources that are dedicated to addressing social needs for individuals and community,

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