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Citizen Brief: The Politics and Policy of Cannabis 

The citizen brief provides a framework that is motivated by the vision of best outcome for a complex challenge. The brief  reframes the problem, provides data, allows for discusses  and proposes actions that can be undertaken by the citizens to address the problem. 

The Challenge Framed

History of the Legal Status of Cannabis 

Ecosystem  and Stakeholders

Best Practice for Citizen Action 

Tools and Resources 


Take Action

Appropriate use of Medical Cannabis individuals suffering with medical symptoms and conditions 



By September 2020, every individual who experiences medical conditions that can benefit from Cannabis  has access to and is able to receive evidence based, best practice informed treatment that improves their well-being in outcomes that matter for them.



The right medication/ treatment  for the right patient at the right time, for the right length of time, and the right  dose and amount, right monitoring.


The Challenge:  

Appropriate medical  management and medical use of Cannabis  that alleviates medical suffering when indicated: Clinicians are striving for a finer balance that meets the patient’s need for pain relief while minimizing chances for abuse.


Achieve balance between the benefits and risks of the various treatments.


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